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Weizmann Center Tel Aviv

Weizmann Center , Tel Aviv - Info & Location

Weizmann Center

The Weizmann Center in Tel Aviv, named after Chaim Weizmann - the first president of the state of Israel - comprises three buildings on Weizmann Street , one of the most expensive areas in Israel.

The center includes:

  • Mall with a variety of shops
  • Fitness Center (gym)
  • Computer games
  • 5-floor underground parking lot (2,300 spaces)
  • luxury apartments (Palace Tel Aviv) 

 Top Brands: SuperPharm, Aroma Coffee Bar, Metuka Bakery, McDonald’s, Supersol, Fox fashion chain, Matim Li ladies fashions, Yalduti children’s clothing, Afrodita, Amica clothing, Halev Hakahol orthopedic shoes, Top Tik cases and bags, Happening, Kravitz, Freak video and computer games and an 1,800-sq.m. Go Active Fitness Center.

Weizmann Center management office:

14 Weizmann Street, Tel Aviv

Center Tel: 972-3-6095257
Center Fax: 972-3-6095537

 The Vital Tel Aviv Hotel is a proud resident of the The Weizmann Center. As written in the Aviv Ocif website, "The Vital Boutique Hotel, in the 18-floor tower, offers guests an exquisite exclusive experience and easy access to Tel Aviv’s business center".

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 *Note: the Weizmann Center is frequently misspelled as Weitzman Center, Weizman centre, Weitzmann center and even witzman center.