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Watec 2013

Watec 2013

By Natalie Hurvitz (17/09/2013)

This conference deals with water technology and environment control, and this year, it will give the stage to the technologies that are highly significant to a much greater and efficient use of natural resources, such as soil, water, energy etc.

Watec 2013 - water technologies conference

The purpose of the conference and exhibition is to open a forum through which Israeli and international business executives, researchers, investors, venture capitalists, analysts and other experts will be able to collaborate and introduce advanced technologies and global solutions.

The Israeli water market is known for its greatly developed technologies, due to its necessity to manage with limited water resources. The Watec conference in 2011 in Israel was very successful, attracting over 20,000 visitors.

The quantity of the Israeli water industry exporting has doubled between 2006-2009, and as a result Israel is known as an expert in the field of desalination, agricultural water consumption, water safety and water treatment and reclamation.

Watec Israel's Chairman, Shimon Tal, said "Israel has become a Water Solutions hub", and he added that "new technologies and smart solutions are estimated to contribute almost two-thirds of the additional quantities of water needed in the next 30 years".

The conference will be held on October 22th-24th, 2013 at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in Tel Aviv.

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