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November Highlights

Tel Aviv Highlights: November 2012

Columbian Jazz Concert
(November 1st, Tel aviv Museum)

Edmar Castaneda and Andrea Tierra will perform in Tel aviv at the begining of November. Castaneda will play the harp and Tierra will accompany him by singing. Slait Lahav will join them on the flute and accordion and Jokah Perphinan on percussion.

Memphis May Fire Concert
(November 7th, Riding 3, Tel Aviv)

The successful American metalcore band will come to Israel this November. The band will perform in Tel Aviv and it will be the last performance of their European tour for the album "Challenger".

The International Exhibition of Food and Drink - Israfood
(November 20th - 22nd, Ganei Hata'arucha, Tel Aviv)

This is the 29th annual israfood exhibition held in Israel. A variety of products and services in the food and drink industry will be displayed in this exhibition, giving the professionals a chance to catch up with the latest innovations.

 Prodigy Concert
 (Tel Aviv)
 The electronic British band Prodigy will perform in Israel during November as part of an electronical music festival. This will be the first time the band is performing in Israel in the last 15 years. The band has performed in Israel several times during the 90s, with their last performance in 1997, during a tour for the album "The Fat of the Land".
 Azrieli Stairs Race
 (November 30th, Azrieli Center, Tel aviv)
This will be the 10th annual race held in Azrieli center. The race will begin in the parking lot and the finish line will be the helicopters' landing ground, on top of Azrieli's roof. You can sign up by November 27th, or November 29th, at the latest.

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