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Tel Aviv Events & Highlights - July 2013

Tel Aviv Events & Highlights - July 2013

Alicia Keys Concert
(July 4th, 2013, Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv)
This will be the first time the American singer will perform in Israel. Her debut album "Songs in A Minor" was released in 2001 and became successful, earning her five Grammy awards. Her last album "Girl on Fire" was released at the end of 2012 and her performance in Tel Aviv is part of an European tour to promote the album. Tickets start at 220 ILS.

Mike Patton and Tomahawk Concert
(July 24th, 2013, Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv)
Patton is the singer and keyboardist of the American band Faith No More and this will be his seventh performance in Israel. In 2001, along with musician Duane Denison, Patton established the group and released its debut album. The current tour will be promoting the group's fourth album "Oddfellows". Tickets start at 220 ILS.

Cliff Richard Concert
(July 11th, 13th, 2013, Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv)
Richard is a well known British rock pop singer and this will be the second time he's performing in Israel; his first performance took place 20 years ago. Richard was the singer of the group The Shadows in the 50s and its hit "Move It" is considered to be the first British rock and roll song. Tickets start at 340 ILS.

Boris Eifman Ballet
(July 10th- 13th, 2013, the Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv)
The neo-classical Russian company presents its latest work "Rodin". The ballet depicts the life of the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin and his turbulent relationship with Camille Claudel, a sculptor herself, who became his muse. Eifman's choreography embodies the tragic nature of the talented artists, while making use of Rodin's famous artworks.

Jovella - Jewelry Exhibition
(July 2nd- 3rd, 2013, Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Tel-Aviv)
This will be the 10th leading international jewlery exhibition in Israel. The exhibition displays a variety of jewlery, from diamonds to gold and silver, to gems and so on. The event introduces new design trends of the jewlery industry to both international and Israeli audiences. Further information: 03-5626090

ECPCP Conference
(July 3rd- 5th, 2013, Tel Aviv)
This is the 4th European Confederation of Primary Care Paediatricians annual conference, which deals with paediatric and health care services, discusses important, controversial matters and contributes to the development of primary care paediatric practice.

The Big Circus from Moscow
(July 4th, 2013, Tel Aviv Museum of Art)
The Russian-speaking circus presents a new international show called "Tarzan", directed by Andrei Sharnin, one of the most famous artists in Russia. The show is composed of Russia's best artists and will incoporate diversive genres. The show depicts the adventures of the beloved Tarzan.

The Art Of The Brick Exhibition
(June 27th - August 27th, 2013, Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Tel-Aviv)
This is one of the first museum exhibitions that's dedicated to Lego by American artist, Nathan Sawaya, who created a variety of unique and inspiring artworks, made solely of lego. Sawaya said anyone can find interest in the exhibition since it's based on something we all used to play with as children, and at the same time, there's depth in its concept.

SummerDance 2013
(July-August-September, 2013, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv)
This is the annual event and celebration of Israeli dance in its best, which includes 79 performances with guests from Spain, Switzerland, England, Thailand and Czech. The events will reflect the dynamic identity of the Israeli dance through different dance styles, such as Neo-classic, Eastern, African, Indian, Flamenco, contemporary and many more.
Tickets cost between 60 to 180 ILS per show.