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Tel Aviv Highlights: January 2013

Tel Aviv Highlights: January 2013

Free Art Friday
(January 18th, Tel Aviv)

This will be the second Free Art Friday in Tel Aviv, during which many art pieces will be spreaded throughout the streets of the city, waiting for people to find them on benches, trees, post offices, in allies and so on. The art works will have a tag with the artists' details and they can be taken free of charge. It's a non-profit event, which gives the artists complete freedom and aspires to receive pictures of the art works by the people who finds them, creating an international dialogue on Facebook. Further details can be found on Free Art Friday - Tel Aviv's Facebook page.

New Orleans Blues Concert
(January 10th - 11th, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv)

There will be two separate concerts held; the first concert is a tribute to the American jazz saxophonist and composer, Sidney Bechet, who is considered to be one of the first important jazz soloists. Evan Christopher, an American clarinetist  from New Orleans, will perform in the second concert with the trio Swing de Gitanes.

Kreator Concert
(Janaury 18th, Barby, Tel Aviv)

Kreator is one of the biggest European metal bands, with the release of 14 albums since it was formed in 1984, in Germany. The band's music is known for speaking against violence and society's in difference, while being in favor of individualism. The band will perform in Tel Aviv to promote its new album "Phantom Antichrist" with the Israeli band "Hammercult" as its opening act. Kreator first performed in Israel in 1992 and shot a video for one of its songs in the Judean Desert. Ticket price including the album is 225 NIS.

Feelin' Blues Festival
(January 25th - 27th, Tel Aviv)

This is the Israel Blues Dance Festival, which offers different level workshops with some of the best international blues dance teachers. It also offers a training day for teachers only and three parties. For further details, see Feelin' Blues' official site.

CleanTech Conference
(January 29th - 30th, Ganei Hata'arucha, Tel Aviv)

This is the 17th annual conference and exhibition for water technologies, energy efficiency, renewing energy, green building, recycling and green transportation. The exhibition is designed for business people and companies that are interested in creating alternative energy sources, reducing air pollution, saving money and adjusting to the international environmental standards.

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