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Tel Aviv Events & Highlights - January 2012

Tel Aviv Highlights - January 2012

Tel Aviv Highlights: January 2012



Factory, Fashion and Dream: The story of the ATA textile factory
Ata textile factory was founded in 1934 in Kfar Ata, by the Moller family who came to Palestine from Czechoslovakia. During its fifty years of existence, the changes that took place in the factory mirrored the changes that took place in Israeli society. The factory was founded on economic pragmatism, Zionism and social enlightenment, much like the foundations of the state of Israel.  In these formative years, everyone wore Ata garments (workers, soldiers and members of youth movements) turning them into symbol of solidarity. With the rise of capitalism and individualism came the gradual fall of Ata and the pride of being a worker. The exhibit seeks to place Ata in a historical context and period (Eretz Israel Museum, through March 30th 2012).   

The Game of Their Lives: Jewish Athletes until 1948
This exhibition aims to highlight and bring to the front the story of Jewish athletes prior to 1948. In addition on presenting their life stories and athletic accomplishments the exhibition examines the conflict between their attempts to fit in the general community and their Jewish identity. Jewish athletes were a source of pride in their Jewish communities, as they dispelled stereotypes regarding the physical abilities of Jews and became members of spot clubs that were previously closed to them.  These athletes enriched Jewish life and contributed to Jewish history (Beit Hatfutsot, starting January 15th). 

J.viewz in Concert
J.viewz, the Grammy nominated electronic project headed by Israeli Jonathan Dagan, will be performing in Tel Aviv and will showcase tracks from their upcoming album Rivers and Homes, as well as past hits including their hit cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. This ensemble includes five musicians on-stage, a computer section and a charismatic singer. All of these elements have put J.Viewz in every music lover's favorites list (January 28th, 2012, Zappa club).

Beit Ha'ir (city house) in Tel Aviv launched its fashion year headlined by F2, an international project that examines the connection between life and art. The first exhibition, inSallam inShalom, is by avant-garde fashion trio threeASFOUR. It focuses on the relations between Jewish and Arab Esthetics by connecting symbols from both worlds (such as Tallit and Keffiyeh), and thereby creating a new symbol. The exhibition has evolved into including a short film, as fashion show, artist workshops and music concerts (Beit Ha'ir, through March 10th, 2012).

Faces and Secrets: Rubin Museum
A new exhibition, displaying twenty works by Reuben Rubin, showcases the women figures in his portraits. Some of the works are well-known, while others are on display for the first time. The styles of the portraits vary from academic painting and modernism to expressionism. The early works, painted in Romania after World War I, convey a melancholic mood while later works, already painted in Palestine, are lively and vigorous and express a wish to put down roots (Rubin Museum, through February 1st, 2012).

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