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Tel Aviv Events & Highlights - December 2011

Tel Aviv Highlights - December 2011

Tel Aviv Highlights: December 2011


Anslem Kiefer: Breaking the Vessels
Since the 1970s, German artist Anslem Kiefer has been producing works concerning World War II and beyond. His current exhibition, especially prepared for the opening of the Paul and Herta Amir building, focuses on Jewish religion and mysticism, and reflects the personal and cultural conflicts Kiefer faces.

(Where: Tel Aviv Museum of Art).

Julio Iglesias in Tel Aviv
One of the top thirty best selling recording artists in history and with over 250 million albums sold, Julio Iglesias is one of the most celebrated and recognized artists in the world. He came to prominence in the 1970 and 1980 thanks to his love ballads. Iglesias is coming to Israel for a single show.

(When and Where: December 12th, Tel Aviv Nokia Hall).


International Exposure
"International Exposure", produced annually by Suzanne Dellal Centre, is the most important forum introducing Israeli artists and their works to global taste-makers. Artists are given an opportunity to impress festival and theatre directors alongside culture and art reporters from around the world.

(When and Where: November 30th – December 4th, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv).


The Freedom to Create – an Exhibition
During the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia glass artist were given the freedom to create and work because glass was considered a harmless medium used for decorative purpose. What the regime failed to see was that those artists expressed their protest through glass. Sixty works of arts by fifteen artists who represent four generation of art that spoke against the state. Different techniques and colors are employed to express realistic and surrealistic scenes.

(When and Where: through December 31st, Litvak Gallery, 4 Berkowitz St., Tel Aviv). 


The Beatles & The Stones, by Philip Townsend
Rare photographs of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are shown in Israel for the first time. The photos, by photographer Philip Townsend, are all signed and numbered. Townsend was the first to capture the bands while they were still starving artists, long before their rise to fame. The photographs serve as a precious time capsule that reflects the band members in a realistic way

(When and Where: through December 31st, Minotaure Gallery, 100 Ben-Yehuda St., Tel Aviv).

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