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Tel Aviv Highlights: April 2013

Tel Aviv Highlights: April 2013

Paul Gilbert Concert
(April 12th,  Reading 3, Tel Aviv)

The American guitarist will perform in Israel for the first time. Gilbert is well known for his talents as a guitar player in Racer X and Mr Big, which became famous for its two major hits "To Be With You" and cover of Cat Stevens' "Wild World". He was chosen #4 on the list of top 10 greatest guitar shredders by GuitarOne magazine. The concert costs 245 ILS per ticket.

Joe Louis Walker Concert
(April 4th, Zappa Club, Tel Aviv)

The electric blues guitarist, singer and songwriter will be performing twice in Israel in 2013. The first concert will be held in Tel Aviv, while the second will be held in Herzliya. Walker has won many grammy awards and collaborated with many great musicians, such as Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Thelonious Monk, Muddy Waters and Otis Rush. His debut album "Cold is the Night" came out in 1986, and his last album "Hellfire" was released in 2012. He is well known for his love of blues history and the effect it has had on its music.

Holocaust Remembrance Day
(April 8th)

This annual day is dedicated to the memory of the holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were murdered. During the day, there are different ceremonies held all over Israel and many movies and TV series about the events and horrors of the holocaust.

Memorial Day
(April 15th)

This day is in honor of Israeli veterans and soldiers who gave their lives for the country, while fighing in Israeli wars. This day is also dedicated to civilians killed by terror attacks. There are many ceremonies throughout the day, commemorating their memory.

Independence Day
(April 16th)

It's an Israeli day, celebrating the declaration of Israel's foundation as a country with the end of the British mandate. In the evening prior to Independence Day, there's a ceremony held on Mount Herzel in Jerusalem, which officialy opens the festivities. The main customs are waving Israeli flags and launching fireworks.

Lag Ba'Omer
(April 28th)

It is an Israeli holiday held on the 33rd day in the Omer count. It celebrates the Bar Kochva revolt and victory against the Roman empire. It is customed to remember the victory with bonfires and parties.

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