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Tel Aviv Events & Highlights - September 2013

Tel Aviv Events & Highlights - September 2013

By (07/31/2013)

Swan Lake - on Ice
(September 18th - September 21st, 2013, Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv) 

Swan Lake, composed by Tchaikovsky in 1875, is one of the most famous ballet shows in the world. It's about a princess who becomes a swan due to the curse of an evil wizard. The ballet was first premiered in 1877 at the Bolshoi theater in Moscow. It has recieved many versions since then, and this time the ballet will be performed on the ice according to Tony Mercer's choreography. 

Swan Lake on Ice

Ballet Flamenco Jose Porcel
(September 9th - September 12th, 2013, Suzzanne Dallal Center, Tel Aviv)
Porcel is one of the biggest flamenco dancers in Spain these days. His show displays the classic traditional flamenco dance, yet is choreographed in a new original and modern way. Tickets cost 150-180 ILS.

Shen Wei Dance
(September 25th - September 28th, 2013, Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv)
Shen Wei's group will give a performance of two dance creations, choreographed by Shen Wei:
Rite of Spring - a new interpretation of Stravinsky's work, performed by 12 dancers, while using movement, music and visual imagery to create a dialogue. In his interpretation, Wei uses elements from the Chinese opera, as well as modern dance techniques.
Folding - the show offers a look inside Wei's soul and dreams, through movement and dance to the beautiful music of the Tibetan Buddhist Chant and breathtaking musical pieces by John Tavener. Wei combines the Chinese dance and the Eastern culture along with the Western modern world.

shen wei dance

Icon - Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival 2013
(September 22nd - September 24th, 2013, Eshkol Pais, Tel Aviv)
This is the 17th annual national science fiction, fantasy and role play festival, which has been taking place in Tel Aviv since 1998. During the three days of the festival, it holds lectures, panels, a custom competition, professional workshops, film screenings, charades and more.
The guest of honor this year is the American science fiction author, Daryl Gregory. His book "Pandemonium" was translated to Hebrew and released by Graph publishing. His second book in Hebrew will be launched during the festival.

The Biggest Bicycle Event
(September 25th, 2013, Tel Aviv)
This is the biggest bicycle event in Israel, organized by Tel Aviv municipality and Kapaim. It includes four different riding tracks throughout the city:

  • Experienced riders - 50 km
  • Families in shape - 30 km
  • Beginners - 9 km
  • Rollerblades - 30 km

Gathering for the first track will be at 6:45 am in Ganei Yehoshua. Tickets cost 65-190 ILS.

Beach Fossils Concert
(September 17th, 2013, Barby Club, Tel Aviv)
The Indie-rock band from Brooklyn, New York city, which was formed by musician Dustin Payseur, is coming to Israel for the first time for one performance, in which they will play songs from their debut album, as well as songs from their second album "Clash the Truth", which was released this year.