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Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel

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Boutique Hotel - Our Definition
Tired of the big brand hotels? have you had enough of the global chains like Hilton, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Hyatt or Ramada? Well, perhaps a nice stay in a boutique hotel will change everything you thought about being a tourist.

But what is a "Boutique Hotel", anyway? it seems many hotels are using the term, but few people actually know what it means. So here's how we at the Vital Hotel define what a boutique hotel means:


Architecture & Design
Boutique hotels are usually more stylish, warm and intimate compared with the big, brand-name, standardized global chain hotels. When you walk in a hotel like Vital Tel Aviv, you should feel more at home than in the "1 size fits all" huge hotels of the world, including some large Tel Aviv hotels. We try to make each room look a bit different, to make our visitors feel special and important.


Personalized Service
Many hotel guests feel a bit alienated in the huge, 1,000-rooms brand name hotels out there. Remember how it feels to get lost in the corridors, searching for your room numbered 1326 or 679? many guests in the mega-hotels don't get to meet the hotel manager, or get personalized service at all. Here in Vital Tel Aviv Hotel, we keep the hotel small enough to care about each of our guests - personally.

Hip Hotel
Vital Tel Aviv's guests are usually in their early 20's to the mid-50's, with an above-average income. Our customers are curious about a vivacious city like Tel Aviv, and wish to explore it in depth from a modern perspective. We believe that business and pleasure can live side by side with perfect harmony. At the same time, we think that the term "luxurious" is not synonymous with "expensive".

Visitors to the Vital Tel Aviv boutique hotel usually come back for more. When they visit Tel Aviv again and again, they find Vital to be much more than just a place to stay. They feel comfortable, productive and vibrant in our hotel. The Vital staff is very attentive to the guests' needs, so they can make their stay much more valuable, personal and memorable. That's why our guests return, again and again.

like our name promises, we feel the pulse of Tel Aviv city. We'll help you to get around, understand why Tel Aviv is called "a non-stop city", recommend cool new attractions and let you feel like an experienced local citizen, not a detached tourist. Our staff loves Tel Aviv's unique qualities, and that's exactly why our guests love it, too.

Now that we have clarified the definition and meaning of the term "Boutique Hotel", feel free to contact Vital Tel Aviv Hotel for more details.

Call the Vital Hotel reception desk anytime: +972-3-777-0025