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Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport

Ben Gurion International Airport



Tel Aviv Airport (IATA code: TLV), also known as Ben Gurion international Airport, is located 20 km south east of Tel Aviv.


Essential phone numbers

  • Information, Ben-Gurion Airport- 03-9755555 or *6663
  • Automated Recorded messages (English)- 03-9723332
  • Israeli Railway Information- 03-5774000
  • Lost and Found & Baggage Storage- 03-9754436

(If you are dialing from the Tel Aviv area, dial without the area code)


Information Counter

Tel Aviv airport's information counter is open 24 hours a day. Passengers may turn to the information counter with any problem or inquiry they might come across. The counters are located in the Check-In hall, in the rotunda and in the Greeters hall.  Phone number: 03-9755555


International Flights Terminal

All international flights arrive to and depart from terminal 3. This highly anticipated international terminal opened in late 2004, and since then, Tel Aviv Airport has been regularly ranked amongst the best airports in the world and is considered the best airport in the Middle East.

Passenger traffic reached a total of 11.5 million in 2008, with more than 50 international airlines that carry out scheduled flights to and from Tel Aviv.


Useful Tips

  • Due to tight security measures, passengers are highly advised to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of their flight.
  • Passports should be valid for at least three months.
  • Sharp objects (such as scissors, knives and files) and weapon-like toys are not allowed on the plane. Such items are to be checked in with the luggage that goes into the hold of the plane.


Duty Free

Tel Aviv Airport's duty free offers a wide variety of products ranging from high end cosmetics, jewelry and clothes to a large selection of books, magazines, alcohol and confectioneries. The Duty Free stores are located in the rotunda, en route to the departure gates. All duty free purchases are exempt from V.A.T. In addition, tourists who have purchased over $100 worth of goods at shops registered with the ministry of tourism are entitled to a refund upon their departure at the Changeplace counter in the duty free rotunda.


Duty Free Stores

Books and Newspapers

  • Steimatzky

Clothes and Sportswear

  • James Richardson (Top Fashion)
  • Michal Negrin (03-9757157)
  • Dan Cassidi (03-9730133)
  • Sports Fashion
  • Children's Fashion (03-7680888)
  • Underwear- Jack Koba


  • Cellcom- Cellular Phones
  • Pelephone- Cellular Phones

Jewelry and Watches

  • H. Stern (03-9757060)
  • Sakal Duty Free (03-7680888)


  • Israel Government Coins and Medals (03-9757330)
  • Steimatzky Ornaments
  • Hadad Brothers (03-9757009)

James Richardson Drugstore

  • Duty Free Shop
  • James Richardson - Last Minute shop


  • Loto

Music and Electronics

  • BUG Duty Free
  • The Eighth Note


  • James Richardson Sweets


  • Toys- Sakal Duty Free



ATM Machines

There are 7 ATM machines spread around the airport at your service. Two are located at the greeters hall, one is located at the arrival hall, and the remaining ATMs are located in the departure area: at the duty free rotunda, and at each of the airplane connectors.


Bank Hapoalim (+972-3-9722977) and Bank Leumi (+972-3-9722111) each has an airport branch. Both operate until the afternoon through out the week but are closed on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency services are provided by Bank Hapoalim and Changeplace. Their counters are located the third floor of terminal 3, at the entrance to the Buy & Bye shopping mall, and at the rotunda.


Ticketing Offices and Travel Agencies

Airlines with a ticketing point at Tel Aviv airport:

  • El Al
  • Olympic
  • Continental Airlines
  • Alitalia
  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Austrian Airline
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa

Travel Agencies Offices

  • Yossi Tours

  • Flying Carpet

  • Last minute Tickets

  • Eshet Tours

  • Tic Tac Btc

  • Guliver

  • Aviation Links

    Police Stations

    There are two police stations in Tel Aviv airport: one police point is located in terminal 3, and the other is located in terminal one.


    First Aid Medical Clinics

    Operating 24 hours a day, the main medical clinic is located on the second floor of the western gallery above the Greeters hall gallery. It offers first aid assistance only. There are additional three medical points in Tel Aviv airport: two at the airside building (the rotunda and level G of concourse C), and one at the Landslide building (level G arrivals hall).



    Parking –  All car-park lots at Tel Aviv airport have designated parking places for the physically disabled, located for easy and convenient access to the terminal.

    Wheelchairs –  Wheelchairs are available for departing passengers (from the check-in until boarding the plane) and incoming passengers (immediately as they disembark from the plane). Wheelchairs are provided by the airline companies, so arrangements should be made prior to the flights.

    Electric Cars –  Upon request, passengers can use electric cars. The service is free of charge and should be coordinated with the respective airline in advance.

    Elevators –  Tel Aviv airport's elevators are especially designed to assist physically disabled passengers. All elevators have call buttons placed in low positions (for the convenience of those in a wheel chair), and play recorded announcements of the services given on each floor.

    Automatic Walkways – Automatic walkways are found in all arrival and departure passenger routes.


    VIP Services

    First class and business class passengers are entitled to use the VIP lounges' facilities. The Dan Lounges (concourses B and C) and The Arbel Lounge serve all airline companies. The King David lounge is intended for El Al first class and business class passengers and El Al costumer club members. The lounge is located on concourse D.


    Special Transportation Services

    On the first floor of the east gallery of the greeters' hall are the counters of the special transportation services. This service can only be booked in advance, and passengers who have a brochure should approach the counter


    Car Rental Service

    The following car rental services are available at Tel Aviv airport: Avis, Budget, Eldan, Sixt and Hertz. Their counters are open 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week, and they are located on the first floor of the East Gallery in the greeters' hall.

    If you are coming by car, you might find these driving directions to Vital Hotel helpful. Here are more driving firections from Google Maps.



    Tel Aviv airport offers several parking lots: a long-term parking lot, a short-term parking lot, a rental-car parking lot and others. All of the parking lots are open twenty-four hours a day.

    Rental-Car Parking

    The car-rental parking lot is located on the ground floor of the eastern parking facility of terminal 3, and it is where rented cars are received and returned. 

    Long Term Parking

    The long term-parking lot offers 2100 non-roofed parking spaces and 110 roofed parking spaces. Shuttle services to terminal 3 leave every 10 to 15 minutes.

    Short Term Parking

    Short-term parking is limited to 24 hours. There is a short-term parking lot consisting of 1400 parking spaces in terminal 3 (international flights), and another one in terminal 1 (domestic flights) that consists of 1400 parking spaces.


    Vital Hotel

    Vital Hotel is among Tel Aviv hotels that are located within a short ride from the airport. Its location in the heart of Tel Aviv and its proximity to a central bus terminal and train station make Vital Hotel a particularly worthwhile option.

    Tel Aviv airport can be conveniently reached by public transportation, as Vital Hotel Tel Aviv is situated about 1 km from the Tel Aviv Center (Savidor) train station (a thirteen-minute ride to the airport). Buses and taxis are also an option, though they are both subjected to traffic.


    How to reach Vital Hotel from Tel Aviv Airport

    Share TaxiA share taxi, called in Hebrew "Monit Sherut", is a minivan that operates as a taxi by taking several people who are heading to, more or less, the same destination. This taxi service is immediately available as you leave the arrivals hall in the Tel Aviv Airport. 

    Taxi –  Taking a private taxi from the airport to Vital Hotel is also a possibility. You will be taken to your destination without making stops on the way. This option, however, is a pricier one and may reach about 150 NIS.

    TrainA 20-minute train ride will take you from Tel Aviv airport to the Tel Aviv Central train Station for 13.5 NIS. From there, you can take a taxi to the hospital or take the no. 11 Dan bus which will drop you off across from the hospital. For more information dial 03-6117000.

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