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Miltech & Avionics Conference 2013 - Tel Aviv

Miltech & Avionics Conference 2013 - Tel Aviv

By (22/07/2013)

This conference will present electronic systems designed for military and aerial platforms. These systems offer tactic and strategic support by using technological innovations, new equipment, manufacturing methods, modern accessories and more. 

The Miltech & Avionics conference  and the professional exhibition, which will be displayed at the same time, focus on the most important factors that influence the modern battle field.

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The conference will cover several issues, such as intelligence abilities and systems, active protection and survival, communication, control systems, advanced sensors and vehicles etc.

The conference is designed for professionals in the defense and military industry, such as technological engineers, maintenance specialists, security experts, suppliers, security project managers, Israeli military system developers, researchers and more.

Amongst the professional companies that will take part in the conference are:

  • AC Tech, Inc. (Advanced Chemistry & Technology).
  • AeroFlite Enterprises, Inc. (Aircraft systems, mission components, aviation products and design etc).
  • Aero Hardware & Supply, Inc. (Hydraulic supply comapny, designed especially for the aerospace industry).
  • Aero Maintenance Group (Airline maintenance, repair and overhaul services).
  • Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (Military mission readiness solutions, component systems repair, maintenance, aeronautical engineering, logistical support etc). 

This will be a great opportunity for participants to become acquainted with innovative defense technologies, and receive information from international leading organizations in the defense industry.

The conference will take place on August 28th, 2013, at the Avenue Conference Center, Tel Aviv.

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