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Medical Tourism in Tel Aviv

Medical Tourism in Tel Aviv

Medical tourism in Tel Aviv

Each year thousands of visitors travel to Israel for medical treatments. Israel medical centers are located in large cities across the country. Among them is the Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), located in Tel Aviv.

Ichilov hospital (Sourasky medical center) in Tel Aviv is the largest medical center in Israel, providing its patients with advanced technologies and medical care, such as complex neurological and cardio surgery, procedures performed at the level of molecular genetics and artificial insemination. The center offers advanced diagnostic methods and techniques, such as CT scans, ultrasounds, MRI, X-Ray, advanced laboratories, and widely used non-invasive tests conducted in order to obtain a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Ichilov hospital offers the expertise of its highly skilled medical and nursing staff, adding to your peace of mind when travelling abroad for medical treatment (medical tourism). The medical staff at Ichilov hospital will do its best in order to ensure a quick recovery, and to make this experience as pleasant as possible. The hospital also promotes a multi-disciplinary program, specifically targeting international patients. The program puts an emphasis on close collaboration with the referring physicians and follow-on healthcare providers.

Each patient at the Ichilov medical center receives individualized care - an international coordinator that advises patients about issues related to the visit, as well as any concerns that may arise around the medical treatment itself. These coordinators speak English, Hebrew, Russian, French and Arabic, so patients from abroad do not need to worry about language barriers.

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Ichilov Hospital.

Accomodation near Ichilov hospital

If you intend on undergoing a procedure at the Ichilov medical center in Tel Aviv, an excellent option would be to stay at Vital Hotel Tel Aviv , which is connected by a bridge to the hospital. Vital offers comfortable and spacious rooms – your best choice of accommodation when you need to stay in the vicinity of Ichilov hospital.
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