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Medical Tourism in Israel

Medical Tourism in Israel

Medical tourism in Israel

Over the last few years, a new medical field has evolved – medical tourism. This is the term used to describe patients traveling from their home country to another, in order to receive medical treatment, such as surgery, organ transplants, dental treatment, plastic surgery etc. Several countries around the world, among them Israel, offer the services of their best doctors to patients from other countries.

Each year, thousands of visitors come to Israel in order to undergo complicated medical procedures, which may not be available in their country. These kinds of treatments include bone marrow transplants, heart surgery, cardiac catheterization, oncology treatments, neurosurgery, car accident rehabilitation and more. Israel is one of the leading countries in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) due to the high success rates and reasonable prices, attracting many women from around the world.

Some of the main advantages of coming to Israel for medical treatment:  

  • Quality of treatment
    Israel is renowned for the quality of its doctors and technologically advanced medical facilities. Many of the Israeli physicians have practiced or trained abroad at the leading health institutions in Europe and the US. As one of the leading countries in medical research, Israel often hosts international medical conferences on various topics.
  • Shorter waiting time
    Many patients opt for Israeli medical treatment since the waiting list for their kind of operation is extremely long in their home countries. A simple surgery may require waiting a whole year in some countries (depending on the kind of insurance the patient has, while the same surgery in Israel can be done within 10 days in an Israeli medical center (and at a lower cost as well).
  • Cost of treatment
    For citizens of Western Europe and the USA, the cost of medical procedures in Israel is significantly lower in comparison to the prices in their countries (the high prices in these countries are caused by the costly malpractice insurance fees). Medical treatment in Israel may be more expensive than in East Asia for instance, but the high level of Israeli medical treatments is unquestionable. The sanitation standards are also very high, and comply with the level of all other western countries.
  • Advanced health system
    The Israeli government has always put much emphasis into offering high-quality health care to its citizens, creating one of the best health systems in the world, with state-of-the-art facilities and leading medical research. Every citizen in Israel is entitled to receive health care at all times. Accordingly, the life expectancy in Israel is high - 82 years for woman, and 78 for men, and the infant mortality ratio is very low - 4 per 1,000 births. Patients coming for medical treatment in Israel can be sure they are getting their procedure done in a country with highly advanced medical services.
  • Central location
    Israel is centrally situated on the globe, making it easily accessible from almost all parts of the world.
  • Tour Israel
    Many medical patients and their families choose to combine their trip with a tour of Israel's beautiful and historical sites.  Among the leading tourist attractions - the Dead Sea (also popular among people with dermatological or rheumatological conditions), the holy places (Jerusalem, Nazareth), Tel Aviv, Eilat and more.


Israel medical centers are located in large cities that offer a wide variety of hotels. It would be wise to stay at a hotel located in the vicinity of the medical center, since these hotels are experienced with accommodating medical patients and their families.

Vital Hotel

If you intend on undergoing a procedure at the Ichilov medical center in Tel Aviv, an excellent option would be to stay at Vital Hotel Tel Aviv , which is connected by a bridge to the hospital. Vital offers comfortable and spacious rooms – your best choice of accommodation when you need to stay in the vicinity of Ichilov hospital.

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