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Lonely Planet Ranks Tel Aviv

Lonely Planet Ranks Tel Aviv #3

Tel Aviv ranked #3 City in the World, by Lonely Planet 2011


Lonely Planet, the world's premier traval guide, has ranked Israel's Tel Aviv city as the third hottest place on earth, for the year 2011.


In a recent article, New York has been ranked #1, while Algiria's Tangier is second. Tel Aviv gets a great tag line as a "modern Sin City", a "total flipside" of Jerusalem".


Tel Aviv's lively club scene is described as "truly diverse 21st-century Mediterranean hub". But the biggest surprise is the comparison to San Francisco, because of the Tel Aviv large gay community.

Culture and entertainment-seeking tourists will probably find Tel Aviv a more attractive destination, as Lonely Planet's recommends the city for being a "greenhouse for Israel’s growing art, film and music scenes".


New-Zealand's Wellingon is ranked #4, Spain's Valencia is #5, Peru's surprising Iquitos is ranked #6 although you can't reach the place by road (boating by the Amazon is the way to get there).


Belgium's city of Ghent is also a surprise at #7 (you'd expect to see Brussels, Bruges or Antwerp). Upgraded Delhi city, both old and new, reached the #8 spot for India.


Newcastle is a famous British city, but Lonely Planet's staff chose Australia's Newcastle for #9. Closing the interesting city list is Thailand's well-known Chiag Mai, also a favorite destination for Israelis.


We, the Vital Tel Aviv Hotel staff, always knew that Tel Aviv was one of the hottest places on earth. Now Lonely Planet just re-affirms our gut feeling.