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IMTM 2013 - The 19th International Mediterranean Tourism Market

IMTM - The 19th International Mediterranean Tourism Market

On February 5th, 6th 2013, the IMTM, International Mediterranean Tourism Market, will take place at Tel Aviv Convention Center. It will be the 19th year this event is held in Tel Aviv, making Israel an important tourist destination. The event is organized by Ortra LTD and Israel Travel News LTD. Among the sponsors of the event are the Ministry of Tourism, the Israel Hotel Association and the EL AL Aviation Company.

One of the founders of the fair and the chief editor of Israel Travel News, Eyal Shmueli, said that this event "has become extremely successful over the years and has grown to become the largest and most successful show in the Middle East...  We have been doing everything in our power to ensure we have room for anyone wishing to participate as we are expecting the largest fair to date both from the number of participants in attendance as well as the number of events in scope..." The Logo of the International Mediterranean Tourism Market

The main audience for IMTM is professionals who work in different areas of the field, such as incoming and domestic tourism, or foreign tourism bodies and associations. 

There will be a diverse range of Israeli presenters from professionals in the tourism field, to the hotel, airline, car rental businesses and many more. The Tourism Market will include various conventions and meetings, as well as a program called Hosted Buyers. Among the countries that will have representation in the event are Italy, Spain, Greece, Thailand, Bulgaria, India, Japan, Cyprus, Kenya, Columbia, Ghana, Tanzania, Malta, Vietnam, Hungary etc.

One of the panels will review tourism as an economic growth channel. The head of the committee responsible for the reduction of tourism costs in Israel, Noaz Bar Nir, will speak about the conclusions and recommendations of the committee.

There will be a panel about the economic growth of the periphery, specifically tourist development of the Negev and the Galilee, and also an investment and entrepreneurship panel presenting new ventures in the tourism field. Furthermore, there will be a group to discuss the connection between the airline industry and tourism. Prof. Israel (Izzy) Borowitz, Dean of the School of Management and Economics at the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College, will be in charge of this committee.

As stated by Eyal Shmueli, IMTM is getting bigger by the year. Last year, in 2012, 36 countries were part of the event, there were 1,135 presenters and 23,500 participants.

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